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Bendable vs Non Bendable Bases:

The Bendable Base has a ¼” Strip of polyurethane that goes thru the wooden base, at the ball of the foot. This allows the base to bend slightly.

 We can not staple this strip, so that explains the missing staples.

 Doctors, Nurses, and Chefs; people who are on their feet all day tend to order Bendable bases.

 The Bendable Base is available in a Austrian 2” Low Heel (#63) and a Austrian 2 ¾” Medium Heel (#623).

 The Non Bendable Base is completely made from wood.

We have a Swedish/Brittany 2” Low Heel Non Bendable Base (#113)

And an Austrian 2” Low Heel Non-Bendable Base (#13)


Mail us a tracing / outline of both of your feet. Let us know what style # and base you are interested in and we will recommend a size for you.

Please note your foot tracings must be mailed to us. Faxing or emailing them distorts the size and shape.

Color and Leather Options:

We can send you leather sample swatches should you be undecided. Email us with your list of 5 swatches: Email them to us you should receive in 3 to 5 days.

Should you be interested at the entire ring of leather swatches, we would be happy to send the entire ring for a $35.00 deposit plus shipping. We will refund your $35.00 deposit if you send swatches back.

Return Policy:

There is a $45.00 Restocking Fee (per pair) for all returns of clogs and clog boots.

No Rostocking Fee for: Closeout Clogs, Professional Clogs, and Children Clog purchases. 

$195.00 Closeout Clog Boots are FINAL SALE, no returns or exchanges.

We will need to inspect the clogs before a credit or exchange is issued.  Worn clogs are not returnable.  If the clogs are soiled or not in new condition, we will not issue a refund. You are responsible for return shipping charges.

How Long until I get my Clogs?

All Custom Orders Clogs typically take 3 to 4 days to make. We ship UPS Flat Rate,or USPS Priority Mail, this takes 3 to 5 business days. You should expect your clogs to arrive in 9 - 12 days. 


Contact us with any questions at: 651-257-4591, or email us at: