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Leather/Color Options

Nu Buc Leather Options

  • Black Buc
  • Brown Buc
  • Celery Buc
  • Honey Buc
  • Mahogany Buc
  • Mocha Buc
  • Navy Buc
  • Olive Buc
  • Purple Buc
  • Rust Buc
  • Wild Mushroom Buc

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Patent Leather Options

  • Black Snake Patent
  • Black Patent
  • Bordeaux Patent
  • Cherry Patent
  • Chocolate Patent
  • Dark Gray Patent
  • Fuchsia Patent
  • Lime Patent
  • Mauve Patent
  • Navy Patent
  • Purple Patent
  • Red Patent
  • Royal Blue Patent
  • Spruce Patent
  • Swedish Patent
  • White Patent

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Smooth Leather Options

  • Baby Flower Leather
  • Black Leather
  • British Tan Leather
  • Camel Leather
  • Cordovan Leather
  • Dark Gray Leather
  • Frog Leather
  • Fuchsia Leather
  • Fudge Leather
  • Ladybug Leather
  • Light Blue Leather
  • Light Pink Leather
  • Military Camo Leather
  • Navy Leather
  • Ocean Leather
  • Purple Leather
  • Red Leather
  • Robin Blue Leather
  • Spruce Leather
  • Taupe Leather
  • White Leather
  • Yellow Leather

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Metalic Leather Options

  • Gold Metalic Leather
  • Pewter Metalic Leather
  • Pink Metalic Leather
  • Silver Metalic Leather
  • Bronze Metalic Leather

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Suede Leather Options

  • Black Suede
  • Bright Pink Suede
  • Brown Suede
  • Dark Olive Suede
  • Mauve Suede
  • Navy Suede
  • Purple Suede
  • Red Suede
  • Stone Suede

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Shearling Leather Options

  • Black Sherling
  • Chocolate Sherling
  • Natural Sherling

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Mail us a tracing / outline of both of your feet. Let us know what style # and base you are interested in and we will recommend a size for you.

Please note your foot tracings must be mailed to us. Faxing or emailing them distorts the size and shape.

Color and Leather Options:

We can send you leather sample swatches should you be undecided. Please fill out the attached form and choose colors. Email them to us you should receive in 3 to 5 days.

Should you be interested at the entire ring of leather swatches, we would be happy to send the entire ring for a $35.00 deposit plus shipping. We will refund your $35.00 deposit if you send swatches back.

Contact us with any questions at: 1-800-243-7836, 651-257-4591, or email us at: